Family Stories
     Over the years I've collected or written a number of 'life stories' of my ancestors.  I hope you, too, might enjoy reading a bit about life in the "good old days".
Myrtle Emma Clark Stephens (1891-1964)
Hyrum Grant Stephens (1886-1963)
Lyman Smith Hutchings (1828-1889)
Elias Hutchings (1784-1845)
Abraham Palmer  (b.1807-1875)
Patience Delila Pierce (b.1809-1895)
Joseph James Clark (b. 1870-1918)
Patience Delila Russell (b.1871-1955)
 Charlotte Emma Goss Freeman  (1836-1900)
 George Richard Freeman  (1859-1943)
 Elizabeth Green  (1822-1906)
 Henry Carter  (1822-1902)



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